Monday, November 11, 2013

Shelves as Functional Wall Decor for Your Home

If you live in a small apartment, you might think that home decor is a luxury you can’t afford. After all, what good would beautiful decorations be if they’ll clutter up your house? Fortunately, when it comes to wall decor, form doesn’t always have to undermine function.

One of the most common examples of useful but stylish wall decorations is the humble shelf. You might think they’re just places to plop your books on, but shelves can really give your walls character. Many people use them to display the knickknacks they’ve collected from their travels, pictures of their family, memorabilia, vases, wine bottles, house plants, candles—all sorts of things that reveal the homeowner’s personality.

Of course, shelves also come in a variety of designs so that they become, in themselves, wall decorations. If you’re a bird lover, you’ll love a shelf that’s fashioned like a bird cage. For those with a more post-modern taste, a seemingly two-dimensional shelf will not only add a feature of interest to your wall, but will also bend your house guests’ minds.

Whether in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, or living room, shelves will help you make the most of whatever space you have while still beautifying your walls. If there’s a blank wall in your home, perhaps a beautiful shelf will make a great decoration for it.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inspirational Wall Decoration and its effect on a childs development

The activity of art creation, according to the article, will rear the child into developing life skills, such as communication skills, social skills, and fine motor skills. This makes the presence of art in a household, from art materials to meaningful and inspirational wall decor, conducive to a child’s development.

Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Wall Decor Idea for Newlyweds

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It’s been months since you’ve moved to your new place and your walls are still as bare ever. Staring at the blank walls gives you designer’s itch, but you think the money will be better spent elsewhere. Don’t put off interior decorating anymore! There are a few DIY wall decor ideas that are both affordable and beautiful.
If you received one too many sets of china for your wedding, chances are they’re still sitting around unused. Unless you plan to regularly host fancy dinners in order to use them, why not sacrifice one set as wall decor? You can buy disc hangers and arrange the plates in symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns that will be a treat to the eye.
You can also re-purpose any old window into a vintage picture frame. Just get reprints of your wedding pictures and re-size them to fit the individual panes. Secure the pictures with scotch tape and hang the window-cum-picture frame on the wall.
Lastly, if an interesting fabric design catches your eye, you can buy a few yards of it and turn it into wall decor.  Ask your new hubby to cut a piece of plywood, wrap the cloth around it, staple down the loose ends at the back, and voila—textured wall decor. (Pro-tip: You can also use a Styrofoam board if hubby isn’t too handy with power tools.)
Getting wall decorations doesn’t have to be bank-breaking. Remember, blank walls are blank canvasses that you can make interesting with a little creativity.