Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tips on Choosing Living Room Wall Décor

Wall decorations can easily breathe more life into your living room. Certain decorations can help make guests feel more at home or even inspire the people who view them. If you are having difficulty choosing décor for your living room, here are a few tips to help you narrow down your choices:

Make the items match the room

You will already have sets of furniture and appliances in your living room before you begin shopping for wall décor. Try to choose decorations that match the current overall look of the room. Choosing ill-fitting decorations might lead you to completely overhaul your living room to match the pieces (unless that is your intention in the first place).

Create a centerpiece

Take the time to look at your living room from all its entry points and make a mental note of which point of your wall your eyes immediately gravitate to. The wall décor you add to that spot can easily serve as the centerpiece of the room, providing a warm and inspirational effect to everyone who enters.

Less is more

If you’re in the market for smaller decorations, try to limit yourself to four pieces. Adding too many small décor can make a wall look cluttered, and take away from the overall effect they are supposed to provide. At the same time, choose décor that complement each other or have a common theme.