Friday, December 13, 2013

Finding Great Inspiration in Fairies

Fairies have been a part of growing up since many bedtime stories involved these magical and winged little creatures. The origin of fairies, however, is not as clear as day. Some people believe they originated from the Celtic mythology, while some trace its origin to ancient Greek and Mesopotamian cultures, whose beliefs are based on nymphs that keep boys forever young. Some cultures believe that fairies are actually angels sent down from the heavens to protect earthlings.
While accounts on their origin are conflicting, the impact of these fairies on today’s culture can’t be denied. For one, some people draw inspiration from fairy myths to create art. Fairy art is typically categorized as fantasy art, along with elves, dwarfs, and leprechauns. Unlike these aforementioned creatures, though, the sight of fairies in paintings or any wall art never fails to mesmerize—the beautiful faces of the fairies manage to draw people in.
Fairy art is not only found in paintings or wall decorations. Some people have been inspired by their mesmerizing appearance enough to create lavish and shiny gowns, floral headdresses, and fashion accessories that make the wearers resemble these fairy creatures. Donning these fashion pieces make them feel a sense of magic within themselves, and in a way, they feel like a fairy for a day and aspire to do good to others.