Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Power of Images on Children

Children bring a new level of joy to any household, as well as added responsibility to the adults they are living with. This is because parents, guardians, and older relatives have the task of overseeing the development and stimulation of children's senses. Thankfully, adults can step right up to this task with the help of simple artwork and other wall decorations.
For infants, in particular, a lot of things—such as the view outside of a speeding vehicle—can overload their senses. A good way to stimulate infants' eyes is to show them high-contrast black and white images, which should be held eight to ten inches from their faces. When babies are a little older, these black and white images can be used in speech development, as they can serve as tools that would help a baby in identifying the two basic colors.
As children grow older, they become more talkative and proactive in conversations. More complex images can then be displayed in their rooms. Parents and children can even engage each other discussing artwork or other trinkets and décor placed on the walls. Allowing children to describe and create a story out of the details in an image will spur the development of their speech and imagination.