Monday, December 9, 2013

Turn Blank Walls into Sources of Inspiration

For many, blank walls are an eyesore. Instead of cluttering them with random doodads, why not turn them into sources of daily inspiration? Below are a few ways how.

People say visualizing a dream helps you achieve it. One way to do this is to clip images from magazines that are related to your wildest dream. Then, make a collage of these images and stick it to your wall. Constantly seeing it will be a reminder of what your goal is and will help your subconscious figure out what you can do to attain it.

A lot of people post inspirational quotes on their Facebook wall, so why not take a page out of this activity? If you have a bare wall in your house, you can paint inspirational quotes on it. This way, whenever you feel down, you can look at these quotes as a reminder that things aren't so bad.

Wall decorations are popular for sprucing up a wall. While paintings or clocks are design staples, why not get inspirational wall décor instead?  An angel décor, for example, can give you that boost of positivity that you need.

The rush of daily life can make it hard to stay inspired. With a little creativity though, you can create a little shrine in your very home to inspire yourself.