Monday, December 16, 2013

Injecting Inspiration Into Your Home Decor

After a late night at work followed by what can seem to be the longest and most exhausting commute home, getting up for work the next day is not the easiest thing to do. It's easy to get overwhelmed by fatigue, which not only makes your body less capable of working, but also saps your spirit and enthusiasm to work. Homeowners often seek means of making their living spaces a bit more engaging and upbeat rather than dreary, hoping to incite a bit of motivation for themselves and their families.

Sources of inspiration can vary from one person to the next, as what you may find to be incredibly motivating may lose its effect on someone else. If your goal is to reinvent the way your home looks so it would radiate a more positive aura, focus on design elements that work best for you. Inspiration can come in different forms; so try to browse over as many examples of decorations as you can until you find the ones that perfectly suit your home.

Try out works of art that depict nature in your home, and see if they can act as sources of inspiration for you. Even motivational quotes artfully placed on a piece of wall decor can work as a source of inspiration; so experiment with these as well until you get the best combination of pieces that you find to be the most effective at spurring you on towards your goals.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Finding Great Inspiration in Fairies

Fairies have been a part of growing up since many bedtime stories involved these magical and winged little creatures. The origin of fairies, however, is not as clear as day. Some people believe they originated from the Celtic mythology, while some trace its origin to ancient Greek and Mesopotamian cultures, whose beliefs are based on nymphs that keep boys forever young. Some cultures believe that fairies are actually angels sent down from the heavens to protect earthlings.
While accounts on their origin are conflicting, the impact of these fairies on today’s culture can’t be denied. For one, some people draw inspiration from fairy myths to create art. Fairy art is typically categorized as fantasy art, along with elves, dwarfs, and leprechauns. Unlike these aforementioned creatures, though, the sight of fairies in paintings or any wall art never fails to mesmerize—the beautiful faces of the fairies manage to draw people in.
Fairy art is not only found in paintings or wall decorations. Some people have been inspired by their mesmerizing appearance enough to create lavish and shiny gowns, floral headdresses, and fashion accessories that make the wearers resemble these fairy creatures. Donning these fashion pieces make them feel a sense of magic within themselves, and in a way, they feel like a fairy for a day and aspire to do good to others.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Power of Images on Children

Children bring a new level of joy to any household, as well as added responsibility to the adults they are living with. This is because parents, guardians, and older relatives have the task of overseeing the development and stimulation of children's senses. Thankfully, adults can step right up to this task with the help of simple artwork and other wall decorations.
For infants, in particular, a lot of things—such as the view outside of a speeding vehicle—can overload their senses. A good way to stimulate infants' eyes is to show them high-contrast black and white images, which should be held eight to ten inches from their faces. When babies are a little older, these black and white images can be used in speech development, as they can serve as tools that would help a baby in identifying the two basic colors.
As children grow older, they become more talkative and proactive in conversations. More complex images can then be displayed in their rooms. Parents and children can even engage each other discussing artwork or other trinkets and décor placed on the walls. Allowing children to describe and create a story out of the details in an image will spur the development of their speech and imagination.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Turn Blank Walls into Sources of Inspiration

For many, blank walls are an eyesore. Instead of cluttering them with random doodads, why not turn them into sources of daily inspiration? Below are a few ways how.

People say visualizing a dream helps you achieve it. One way to do this is to clip images from magazines that are related to your wildest dream. Then, make a collage of these images and stick it to your wall. Constantly seeing it will be a reminder of what your goal is and will help your subconscious figure out what you can do to attain it.

A lot of people post inspirational quotes on their Facebook wall, so why not take a page out of this activity? If you have a bare wall in your house, you can paint inspirational quotes on it. This way, whenever you feel down, you can look at these quotes as a reminder that things aren't so bad.

Wall decorations are popular for sprucing up a wall. While paintings or clocks are design staples, why not get inspirational wall décor instead?  An angel décor, for example, can give you that boost of positivity that you need.

The rush of daily life can make it hard to stay inspired. With a little creativity though, you can create a little shrine in your very home to inspire yourself.